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堅持核心價值 監控風險與最大化收益同樣重要。



Combination !



  • Plants Investment

    The essence for RES plant investment is the management process of the professional project, which needs the financial assistant with meticulous and highly stability.

  • Plants Management

    Project management involved many levels. We understand the real core values and use this to create the maximum benefit for the project’s holders and investors.

Practical experience of PV plant worldwide

Leading and integrating of international professional consultants and investment team

Whether a whole new PV project, or already on-gridded PV project, the Hyperion is capable of maximizing the overall interests with our abundant practical experience and these are our most significant leading difference in the PV field.

About Us

Rich practical experience & risk management

HCM has long been possessed dominate the abilities in expertise, industrial relationship and financial control, etc., better ensure the funds raising and obtains financing...


The success of the project depends on many factors:
among them, the investor benefits and risks consideration are at the core of all conditions.